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Several other family members have auburn hair as well.

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People who have more eumelanin with a corresponding phenotype of darker hair and the MC1R gene often have auburn hair.

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Human molecular genetics.

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Source What Is a Genetic Mutation?

Genetics of Red Hair

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Will our children all have a variance of red hair--auburn, strawberry, red or orange?

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I am the only red head in my family so I am wondering what caused my hair color.

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In the second case, one parent would be blonde but carry a recessive gene for redness and the other parent would be a redhead.

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Could she have the MC1R mutation even though she is blonde?

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It tells our cells what do do as we develop.

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Genetic mutations are the result of a change or a 'misfire' in our DNA.

Scientists have declared that red hair is a genetic mutation of sorts that occurs in less than three percent of the entire human population.

Blond hair is also a genetic mutation believed to have first occurred about 11, years ago.

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