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When to stay or leave a relationship

Do they deserve another shot?

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In the first one, a survey was given to people in relationships.

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After, they converted those reasons into another survey, in which they gave to another group of people who were specifically debating whether they should stay or go.

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There's ANY type of abuse in the relationship If there's any type of abuse present in your relationship, whether it's physical, verbal, emotional or sexual, you should absolutely leave and seek help from a victim's shelter.

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If you find yourself unfulfilled in a relationship, ask yourself the following probing questions:

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It's always a tough situation because on one hand, you love them and you've already put so much into the relationship, but on the other hand, you could just continue to get hurt if you stay.

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Am I interested in starting something with someone else?

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But these circumstances won't last forever and if you can make it through them together, your relationship will end up stronger in the end.

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If your partner makes excuses about introducing you to their friends or family, won't talk to about your future or refuses to open up about themselves it might be a sign that things aren't working out.

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Why is it so hard to end a relationship you feel isn't working for you?

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You're waiting for your partner to change in order for the relationship to work out If you're waiting for your partner to change their minds about having kids or change any personal or moral values then that's a clear sign the relationship won't work out.

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