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Mutual masturbation statistics

A Young Man's Guide to Masturbation

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The small fraction of the male population -- overwhelmingly 12 to 15 years old -- who have them regularly have one about every 10 days.

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I have given hand jobs to less then 5 men.

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I have watched while a man masturbated.

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Only about half of males ever have wet dreams.

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Only about half of males ever have wet dreams.

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Masturbation will not cause your penis to shrink.

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For most males, masturbation is healthy.

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It's probably not a good idea to trust someone your own age to answer your questions about masturbation.

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So, your sexual partner just came and you didn't.

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Have you engaged in anything kinky?

A much smaller percentage of females masturbate daily compared to males.

Masturbation is not a steppingstone to the homosexual lifestyle.

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Mutual masturbation statistics
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