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It looks more like dog food than anything edible to a human being.

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Friends, meet Joy:

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She fucked me so hard while still kissing me so softly, it made me crazy.

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As her orgasm grew nearer, Hannah pushed the intercom button and in a shallow voice asked her secretary to come into her office!!!

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It must have taken me about half an hour to get comfortable just enough to fall asleep.

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I started to wonder if any of these fat, bald chicks were going to rape me.

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Right then she sank her teeth into my neck and the most intense orgasm shot through my body forcing me to moan way to loudly.

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In a frightened small voice she replied, "Beth!

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Read more Transgender prisoner sent to women's prison after public outcry.

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Elated at the turn of events, Beth slid up between Hannah's legs and said, "Let my mouth thank you!!!

Both women were now groaning loudly and not even making a pretense on keeping quiet!!!

I wished he was there with me to hold so I wouldn't feel so alone.

A friend of mine, Smash, asked me if I wanted to write about my experience.

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It was dead silent.

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