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Fatemi noticed a prayer rug on the floor and asked what it was.

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Mortazavi noted that over the years, Iranian women have also become more "creative" in expressing their opposition to the rules.

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Al Jazeera] The case of a teenage girl who is believed to have been detained after posting videos on social media showing her dancing has stirred debate in Iran.

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Fatemi has not been so successful.

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He enjoyed steady employment and access, his credentials getting him into places that were often off-limits like mosques or other religious organizations.

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He visited parties in private residences and got into band practice rooms where egg crates provided improvised soundproofing, lest authorities or suspicious neighbors report musicians who mimicked American rockers, down to an authentic-sounding accent.

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Once the world got a sense of what was happening in the streetsMr.

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Fatemi during a phone interview last week.

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Al Jazeera News.

The impact of sanctions on ordinary Iranians 2:

Teenage dancer, Maedeh Hojabri, was arrested in Iran.

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