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Go deep and then rock it from there.

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Whatever you do, don't bite him.

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Regardless of the time it takes, he may eventually climax.

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Either your gag reflex is going to act up, or you will have no problems.

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There is nothing better for a guy be careful of the teeth than when you go deep.

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The way that most people envision giving oral is with the woman on her knees.

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This may be difficult if this is the first time you have ever performed oral, or if this is the first time that you have performed oral on this particular person.

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Drool happens.

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So, you have just started giving him the best oral sex ever.

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Also, young males can be selfish in bed, focusing on their own desires, says Linda Banner, PhD, a sex therapist in San Jose, California.

The sexy sight should make him want to explore orally, he says.

Whether or not she keeps hair on her pubis, is for her to decide, as long as her labia are clear for her pleasure and yours as well.

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Seduce husband oral sex