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There is sometimes a stigma that sperm donors are undesirable men, looking to make a quick buck.

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They also make an audio recording.

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The remaining 10 to 50 percent of donors come from all walks of life and have a variety of interests, values, and skills.

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Sperm banks may also supply sperm for research or educational purposes.

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It's important to discuss whether you're open to contact from any child conceived with the help of your sperm.

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You might also be asked to provide pictures or videos of yourself or audio recordings of your voice.

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A particular example of this is the control which is often placed on the number of children which a single donor may father and which may be designed to protect against consanguinity.

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Genetic testing for cystic fibrosis.

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Following the necessary quarantine period, which is usually 6 months, a sample will be thawed and used to artificially inseminate a woman or used for another assisted reproduction technologies ART treatment.

This enables to sperm bank to adhere to any national limits of pregnancy numbers.

For other ethnicities, including Hispanic and Asian, the height requirement is less stringent because there are fewer applicants.

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