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Geologists estimate that the cave in which the fossils were discovered is no older than three million years.

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There is no evidence of material culture, like tools, or any evidence any kind of symbolic ritual that we almost always associated with burial.

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New fossils found.

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Crown shape supports this finding, with taller crowned and more wear resistant molars, potentially evolving to protect against abrasive particles.

How did the bones get into the cave?

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Over hundreds or thousands of years, this behaviour could have led to an accumulation of bodies deep in the cave.

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They stated that there is no evidence a catastrophe placed the bodies in the cave, and that the bodies were deliberately placed in cave.

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Discovered by national geographic.

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Kris Hirst, the Dawn Homo naledi dating Humanity documentary film provides "a rich context for the discovery [of the fossils of Homo naledi], setting the historical and evolutionary background so that viewers can understand the significance of the discovery.

About additional specimens have been recovered from the Lesedi Chamber so far, representing two adults and at least one child.

They're the lesedi while berger et al.

But the most complete.

Many mysteries surround Homo naledi, including how the remains got into the caves, what its tools were like, and how it survived alongside bigger-brained species.

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