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Club" she drowned a small bird for Roger to eat despite her joyous singing with it.

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An example of how dangerous Francine can be occurred when she discovered Stan had sent his CIA double Bill, to her high school reunion, in his place.

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King with George Clooneyin the episode, "Tears of a Clooney".

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Other than her out of control sex life, Francine is almost a stereotypical trophy housewife and mother who generally seems to enjoy her position in life.

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What Francine did not know was that her financier was actually Klaus in a new body.

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Francine's videos cross over many genres.

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Since then she has been passionate about killing him, or at least, making him cry.

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Furious, Francine shot Bill's knee-cap, thinking it was Stan.

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Daddy issues stemming from her unstable relationship with her birth father led to her losing her virginity at a young age Francine and son sex engaging in risky sexual behaviors to this day, such as her affinity for combining drugs and alcohol with unprotected sex with strangers as seen in season one's "Finances with Wolves".

Part of the business arrangement included frequent sex with Francine, the video results of which went viral on the internet porn circles when each were uploaded.

She claimed later that it was just for fun.

Despite bad temper, impatience, and the hatred and distrust they have to contend with, they find ways to obey and love God and others, and are thus relatable and inspiring.

Feeny was sent to jail, where he committed suicide.

In the same episode, she later tells Stan she was indeed born on September 26, making her a Libra.

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