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Facial action coding system classes

bridging science and practice

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Certification means that you know the system well enough to code.

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The strength of FACS coding is its objectivity.

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It does not teach about measuring facial movement, however, nor does it train you to detect very subtle facial changes.

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This means one can have confidence to use the technique in research.

Undertaking FACS training

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Anyone seriously interested in how and why the face moves and there are numerous applications of that knowledge can benefit from this training.

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One must agree with the criterion codes at a level of.

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The test is self-administered after the workshop.

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Automated facial coding The computer algorithm for facial coding extracts the main features of face mouth, eyebrows etc.

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Expertise in FACS requires accumulating extensive experience coding.

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Can be shared among small groups.

Eye-brows come together and up.

Nor is it a course on deception detection.

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