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The commercial sockeye salmon harvest produced a record volume of chilled salmon.

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However, he was revived in "Rise of the Sorceress" by Shuriki and the Delgados and joined forces with them to take back the kingdom.

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Victor Delgado Lou Diamond Phillips who was the son of the royal treasurer until the day he and Esteban conspired together to help Shuriki take over Avalor, Alena snow.

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Marlena Gaby Moreno is a singer and Mateo's family friend.

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Nowadays industry participants attach more importance to the environment, product qualities and labor than to ways of increasing output.

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In "Song of the Sirenas", after Shuriki has been finally killed off by Princess Elena and Fiero is turned back into a statue by Mateo, Victor and Carla escape with Cruz, Vestia, and the jewel of the Scepter of Night and are currently still on Alena snow loose, Alena snow.

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Unaware to anyone, he and his old friend Victor Delgado secretly helped Alena snow invade Avalor and he desperately desires to keep this secret out of fear of being rejected by his family.

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Migs Chris Parnell is a practical male Jaquin.

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Quita Moz Cheech Marin is a sun bird and oracle that lives in Vallestrella.

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