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Why are they building fema camps

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Yet, across the street, the fences all point inward.

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What are these massive docks going to be loading?

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Are we all going to sit there and wonder what happened to this country of ours?

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Ideally we treated everyone with respect and honored their uniqueness and hoped that others did likewise.

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Notably, this happened despite the Supreme Court explicitly declaring the Indian Removal Act of to be unconstitutional.

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The first side asserts that they've found tons of concentration camps on Google Earth.

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Over the last couple months several of us have investigated three soon-to-be prison camps in the Southern California area.

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The first one we observed was in Palmdale, California.

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What are these massive docks going to be loading?

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We questioned the idea that there were four armed military personnel walking the park.

The idea that the US government is planning to intern masses of people has some history, and is not just limited to the far-right.

And what is going to be the kick-off point to put these facilities into operation?

During World War IIabout ,—, Japanese Americans were forcibly relocated from the West Coast to internment camps in the interior of the country, on the grounds that they would act as a fifth column against the American war effort.

FEMA is the executive arm of the coming police state and thus will head up all operations.

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