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Premolar extraction and vertical facial dimension

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The pretreatment and posttreatment cephalograms were digitized, and 6 linear and 8 angular cephalometric measurements were selected to evaluate vertical changes.

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Class I maloccusions were selected to study in order to eliminate excessive molar movement during treatment of Class II and III malocclusions.

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SellaNasion to GonionGnathion angle 8.

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This result suggests that some residual growth as well as treatment effects took place.

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Comparison of the pretreatment ages of extraction and nonextraction groups of male and female patients Female patients Male patients t Value P value Extraction group yr

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This study compares the mesial movement of molars and changes in FVD between P1 and P2 extraction groups in Class I malocclusion with a hyperdivergent facial type.

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The amount of mesial molar movement can be very little if anchorage is well maintained.

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Schwab DT.


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The pretreatment and posttreatment lateral cephalograms were taken on the same radiographic unit and traced and digitized by 1 operator.

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The extraction-nonextraction dilemma as it relates to TMD.

First or second premolar extraction effects on facial vertical dimension.

Angular cephalometric measurements.

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Accept. interesting Premolar extraction and vertical facial dimension keep the