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He was always really super friendly and nice, and one day when Nude gf standing told me about his job at a clothing resale store downtown, I quickly jumped at the chance to ask if there were any openings there, and he said yes and he suggested I apply and that he would put in a good word for me!

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We ordered coffee and snacks.

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On our way to her hostel as she was sitting behind my bike with one hand on my shoulder and face on my other.

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The place where we went had small open cabin just for little privacy this was an open coffee shop but no one can watch you form outside.

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For first three years we were just friends as any other batch mates we came closer during third years of studies in college library.

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He even invited me into his bedroom for a beer one day, and even though I hated beer I still reluctantly drank some of it lol.

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I removed the thong, and began stroking myself.

Afterward, I laid there sweating and feeling wonderful for a few minutes, before getting up and walking up to the window, fanning myself with my notebook.

I then went to the bathroom to douche and clean myself out, checking again from the darkened bathroom to see if he was still watching for me before returning to my bedroom.

His name was Mike, and he was majoring in speech communications.

So finally I sat closer to her and gave her a tight hug and said not to cry any more just forget what happened.

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