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Blueberry Hill Galleries as agent, nor the consignor is responsible for any faults or defects in any lot or the correctness of any statement as to the origin, authorship, date, age, attribution, genuineness, provenance or condition of any lot.

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Bid Increments.

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On the fall of the auctioneer's hammer, Modern toys swinging bear, title to the offered lot Modern toys swinging bear pass to the highest bidder acknowledged by the auctioneer subject to fulfillment by such bidder, of all the conditions set forth herein, and such bidder thereupon a assumes full risk and responsibility thereof, but not limited to, insurance, fire, theft, removal and storage or damage from any and all causes and b will pay full purchase price thereof.

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The hobby precuts are a couple of dollar each, and the wood lath is about 50 cents each pick the lath carefully, looking for ones that are straight and have minimal knots.

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The highest bidder acknowledged by the auctioneer will be the purchaser.

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If the auctioneer decides that any opening bid is below the value Modern toys swinging bear the article offered, he or she may reject the same and withdraw the article from sale, and if having acknowledged an opening bid, he or she decides that any advance thereafter is insufficient, he or she may reject the advance.

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We reserve the right to reject any bid.

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If any dispute arises after the sale, our sale records are conclusive.

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Not too difficult and not too expensive — and now all the stuffed animals are off the floor and out of the way!

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We reserve the right to reject any bid.

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Now that all the stuffed animals are comfortably ensconced on the hanging toy storage swing, we can vacuum the floor without having to clean up first.

Put a knot at one end of the rope, then thread it through the swing seat.

Glue together the swing seats for each level clamp together or lay something heavy on each lath while the glue dries and let dry completely.

Shipping Information:

We reserve the right to withdraw any property before the sale.

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