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Cervical cancer and orgasm

What and where is my cervix?

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Several said their partners had worried at first that they might hurt them.

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If this is felt positively the experience should leave you with a sense of wellbeing and, in coupled sex, enhanced intimacy; therefore, delays or problems here can affect your sexual pleasure and satisfaction.

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Time it right.

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As the vaginal canal gets longer when aroused, only a penis or sex toy is usually long enough to reach the cervix.

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The HPV vaccine commercials even played on Hulu for a while!

Frequently asked questions

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There are a few important things for people to consider before experimenting with cervical stimulation:

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The term refers to the stimulation and manipulation of the sensitive cervix.

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Takeaway Cervical penetration is not actually possible.

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Changes in sexual satisfaction after treatment Some women feel their orgasms are different following a hysterectomypossibly due to not experiencing the pulsation of the uterus or movement of the cervix.

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There are a few important things for people to consider before experimenting with cervical stimulation:

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Hormonal changes can slow down your sexual responses, meaning that it will take longer and you will need more stimulation than you did before to reach orgasm.

You may find that you can still orgasm alone but not with a partner, or that all your orgasms have been affected.

While not as well-known as the G-spot or clitoral orgasms, the cervix or C-spot can also be highly sensitive.

You may not be able to relax and enjoy sexual activity like you used to or it could be difficult for you to stay engaged in the pleasurable sensations during sexual activity.

Sexual functioning of cervical cancer survivors:

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